Committed to supporting the ovarian cancer workforce and ovarian cancer patients, this year will mark the AACR’s 6th Biennial Special Conference on Ovarian Cancer. Ovarian cancer will account for more than 314,000 new cases of cancer in 2022, making it the eighth most prevalent cancer-related death in women worldwide. The prognosis for ovarian cancer improves with earlier diagnosis, but only 20% of cases are found in an early, localized state.  Understanding of risk factors and early detection are key in progress against this disease. Continued research in areas such as epigenetics, immunology and the tumor microenvironment will only further enhance our understanding of ovarian cancer biology and the development of better therapeutics as a result. This Special Conference will address and discuss all these important needs in ovarian cancer research and treatment with sessions focusing on epidemiology and prevention, immunology, tumor microenvironment, drug discovery, epigenetics and epitranscriptomics, and rare ovarian tumors.